Whom do we help

If we add up the audience of all the artists, it would make a great number of people. We believe that the new generation is able to unite and focus efforts to create a better society!

Choose the story of one of the reliable funds and donate a reasonable amount of money to make a difference.

Tabletochki — children’s cancer foundation in Ukraine

Tabletochki is the largest children’s cancer foundation in Ukraine. Since 2011 we have served over 4,000 children and their families providing help worth over USD 9 mln.

Thus, every month we take care of 17 departments of oncology and 400 families in Ukraine. Also, protect patients' rights, provide training for doctors, and promote charity culture.

Or dream and goal are to win over childhood cancer.


Collected: 128.56 $
Goal: 300 $

Support doctors of the hospital in the city of Lysychansk

Ukrainian doctors, who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, are now in an extreme risk zone. Appropriate PPE’s are needed to increase the level of protection and safety of physicians.

The DonorUA project, Patients of Ukraine Charitable Foundation, and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange have joined their forces to provide doctors in different regions of Ukraine with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment.

To make it real, organizers of the project applied to the Artist.Gives - a platform for online concerts of ukrainian and bielorussian artists. Artists of the two countries will give concerts on the platform to support doctors of the hospital in the city of Lysychansk. This hospital is the one, which takes the brunt of COVID-19 in the Luhansk region. And the Luhansk region has been in a very difficult political situation for the past 6 years.

The DonorUA project, Patients of Ukraine Charitable Foundation, and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange aimed to ensure the most transparent process of identifying needs for fundraising, to ensure the procurement of all necessary personal protective equipment with confirmed medical certification and to control delivery of PPE’s to the hospital.

The hospital in Lysychansk needs respirators, masks, protective shoes and clothing (insulating gowns, waterproof aprons, shoe covers, mittens), and goggles.

Only united we can help doctors stay safe and deal with the pandemic. Stay home, join online charity concerts or make a donation on the UBB platform. Help us protect those who protect our health.

All funds collected apart from payment system comission goes to the project.

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Collected: 94.22 $
Goal: 250 $


"The Representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Belarus, Dr. Rashed Sarwar, addressed Belarusian business community and the nation to fundraise 1,5 million US dollars together to run an emergency campaign to procure and deliver medical equipment and personal protective equipment for healthcare personnel and people with COVID-19.

Donate now to protect medics and save the lives of Belarusian with COVID-19!

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Collected: 255.57 $
Goal: 500 $