Dee Tree
22 July 22:00
Dee Tree is a soul band from Minsk, Belarus. The band has been around for about 2 years so far and spent this time quite fruitfully. In a span of less than two years they managed to bring out three singles and a wholesome debut album, perform at all of the major festivals in Belarus (SPRAVA, FSP, Stereo Weekend, Vulica Brazil etc.), give several well-received concerts in Moscow, St. Petesburg, Kiev, Lviv, Shauliai (Lithuania) and all around Belarus, get coverage on Belarusian and Ukrainian TV and radio and gather more than 500 people at their album presentation in Minsk.

The album "All is 111" was issued in summer 2019 under the aegis of "Masterskaya" label based in the Ukraine. It was accepted and reviewed favourably by critics and general audience in Eastern Europe and beyond. The album was and is now being remixed by several prominent hip-hop and house producers, the list including FloFilz, Saine, Harry Wolfman and others.

At the moment Dee Tree are in the process of creating new material, performing, and strengthening their reputation of one of the best Belarusian live-performance bands. Their plans for 2020 aspire to a European tour, new album and further discovery of beautiful and yet merely explored Minsk music energy.

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Let's help Belarusian children's hospice

"Belarusian Children's Hospice"(BCH), a non-governmental and non-profit organization. BCH provides free of charge palliative care services including medical, social, psychological, spiritual and other support to children with life-limiting illnesses and with chronic diseases such as myopathy, deep congenital pathology, genetic diseases etc

Our mission:

Improving the quality of life for every terminally ill child in Belarus.

Our goals:

Creation of a system of palliative care in the Republic of Belarus in joint work of public organizations and the state. Official Hospice Website

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Dee Tree
22 July 22:00
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